"Sports Betting has two fields, the psychological and the financial.
Proper management of both can lead to success."
George Tzounakas

About us

“Who we are”

Our website was created to help those who bet their money in sports betting in a safe way in order the engaging with this object to be profitable. Matches approaches are made solely through the Algorithm we have created. This Algorithm is the only one in the world that synchronizes confirmation chances and betting value.

“Our History”


Create of a specific betting plan for long-term profit.

2012 – 2015

Trial period of the betting plan to confirm the profit over time. At this time, we have confirmed in every possible way how capital management is important (or even more) than choosing bets.

* Trial period for the Algorithm application at Ice Hockey.

* Trial period for the Algorithm application at Baseball.

2016 - 2017

Creating the Algorithm for Basketball Races. This Algorithm has successfully passed the probability and value test of a bet.

* Trial period for the Algorithm application at American Football.

* Trial period for the Algorithm application at Football.


Website creation and disclosure of Algorithm approaches

* Tests for football and soccer matches were successful and the Algorithm is now approaching soccer and football matches.

* Test for the approaching of Baseball and Ice Hockey matches were successful and now the Algorithm is approaching Baseball and Ice Hockey matches.

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