"Sports Betting has two fields, the psychological and the financial.
Proper management of both can lead to success."
George Tzounakas

House of Betting article 2

At GoldenLivePicks.com, given that sports betting is a job that have to be fun and profitable, we have taken consider on the financial management segment.

We consider race selection and capital management to be equally responsible for a player’s long-term profit. If one of the two parties become frivolous and not with the necessary attention from the player, then the risk of losing money and psychological calm is great.

In order not to put yourself in this process, always follow your initial plan and not get away from the financial limits you have set and the psychological limits that you think you can manage correctly in different situations during the betting.

Based on mathematics, we recommend betting on those bets that have a higher probability of being confirmed and always in a betting mode that safeguards your capital from possible negative outcomes.

Remember ... the negative results are what make sense to the successful ...

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