"Sports Betting has two fields, the psychological and the financial.
Proper management of both can lead to success."
George Tzounakas

Our algorithm was created to indicate which bet has a higher bet value and more confirmation probability at Live Basketball Betting.

An important part is that it rejects Unsecured Bets and with the indication “No Bet” encourages us to avoid traps of Betting Companies where our betting risk is high.

This algorithm approaches Basket matches and helps Live Betting make the best possible choice. It has been tested in all the world championships and the confirmation rates of its approaches are unique. You should expect rates from 60% to much higher than 75%.

The powerful algorithm for soccer and basketball games is now available

In any match you are interested in, entering the required data and seeing the possible results immediately in order to make the best choice.

More information about our algorithm can be found below:

What is the algorithm that you offer on your website?

Our Live Betting Algorithm has been created to help players who prefer to wager their money in Live betting to increase their success rates and winning bets.

What is your system's success rate?

The success rate of our system ranges from 70% to 90%

In which sport can it be used?

The system is designed for Live Basketball betting.

Does it offer forecasting on every match?

No, the algorithm is designed in such a way that it calculates and provides the safest options for betting, meaning the more chances of success. It offers you all the under/over chances you have for Gold, Value, Risky and No Bet bets so you can choose which ones to bet on and which ones not to.

How do I know if my bet contains any risk?

Next to each suggestion, depending on the total points limit given by the betting company that you bet with, we display an indication of how likely it is to win the bet at this point limit.

 In this case it is prohibitive to bet, as there is risk and you are less likely to win the bet.

 The "RISKY" indicator shows that there is a slight advantage to the Over or Under, without this meaning that is recommended for safe betting. Actually bets with this indication have a verification rate of 50% - 60%.

 Where "VALUE" appears. the bet is of good value. Value Bets have success rates ranging from 60% to 70%.

 The "GOLD" indication shows that the wager proposed, has the greatest chance of success. Specifically bets accompanied by the words "GOLD" have success rates of over 70%.

What types of bets does your system cover?

The system specializes in betting "total points" for each group separately or for the total points of a match.

Which basketball championships does your algorithm offer the greatest chance of success?

Our algorithm has been successfully tested in tournaments all over the world.

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