"Sports Betting has two fields, the psychological and the financial.
Proper management of both can lead to success."
George Tzounakas

Why play with us

Our website GoldenLivePicks.com was created to help all Sports Betting players, through proper guidance and matches approaches, reach their goal, which should be no more than long-term profit.

GoldenLivePicks.com is the most comprehensive website in the world, as it covers all those involved in so-called Sports Betting games, Live Sports Betting, Casino games (Roulette & Blackjack).

We in GoldenLivePicks.com do not believe in luck, as it is all a matter of probability, so we help the world that follows us to bet his/her money in cases where he/her has the chances on the right side and in the long run he/she gains significant profits from his engagement.

On our website we offer daily FREE sports matches approaches for sports such as Football, Basketball, American Football, etc. with confirmation rates that you will not find elsewhere.

We only offer Subscription Services (Plan A / Plan B) to those who wish to do the above step and for various reasons are not covered by our FREE services.

Subscriptions also include Live Basketball Betting and Casino Games. Through these services, you get a significant lead over the Book you have chosen to bet your money to.

We wish you success and we are welcome for you in the GoldenLivePicks.com reversing world.

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